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The Product Management Alliance (PMA) is a national coalition of organizations that believe that all parties share responsibility for effectively managing a product throughout its lifecycle. The PMA supports voluntary producer responsibility efforts and voluntary incentives for increased recycling and sustainable design. The PMA advocates for shared responsibility across all parties in a products lifecycle. Thus we do not support Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) proposals that, through the force of legislation or regulation, shift the cost of product reclamation and disposal solely onto manufacturers.


EPR legislation, when enacted, mandates that product manufacturers create and fund the mechanisms by which their products will be collected and disposed of at the end of their life. Therefore, the PMA opposes EPR proposals because they improperly shift the cost and burden of product collection and reclamation only to one party in the lifecycle.


EPR policy is frequently presented as a solution to reduce waste, increase recycling and provide relief to cash-strapped governments. On the contrary, research shows that EPR fails to produce these results and there are often less expensive and more effective ways to achieve those goals.


The PMA identifies states where discussions regarding EPR are taking place and educates policymakers about the concerns with state-mandated EPR programs. The PMA also supports its members by testifying on their behalf when legislators and regulators are discussing and considering the merits of multi-product and product-specific EPR proposals.


PMA Activities


In 2015-2016, we are tracking over 100 framework, multi-product and product-specific EPR bills introduced in state legislatures. The PMA has been front and center in defeating these initiatives over the past few years and have assisted our members on making initiatives less burdensome in the few instances where it was clear that proposed bills would become law.


Pro-EPR groups are on the record as saying their goal is to “roll out” EPR in targeted states and then “watch it spread.” The PMA is the only organization in the United States whose sole focus is opposing this effort and we have had specific and measureable success since our inception four years ago.


The PMA is an educator, coordinator and advocate wherever state governments are considering broad, framework EPR bills.


The PMA’s activities include:


  • Tracking of EPR and environmentally related legislation in all 50 states.
  • Testifying at hearings in opposition to EPR and educating legislators about more effective policies. Over the past two years the PMA coordinated like-minded groups and testified in person in Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine.
  • Providing written comments on EPR legislation, as PMA has done dozens of times over the past four years and also on efforts that may spawn EPR legislation such as Vermont’s Materials Management Plan and Maryland’s Zero Waste initiative.
  • Sponsoring research about EPR and its effects including a study that determined that EPR is not the answer to boost recycling rates. A copy of the study may be found here.
  • Helping to coordinate the resources of the broader anti-EPR community at hearings, through visits to state capitols and through conference calls and email updates.
  • Serving as a voice against EPR in the press and with stakeholder groups.


Benefits of Support


Organizations that support the PMA get a seat at the table to help direct the planning and activities of the organization. Stakeholders share ideas, intelligence and resources in an effort to combat unfunded mandates. PMA members are kept abreast of efforts by all sides, are invited to integrate their efforts with other PMA supporters, are guided in steering lobbying and other advocacy activities, and, where appropriate, receive PMA’s support to affect EPR proposals specific to their interests.


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